12th Annual Green Living & Energy Expo

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The 15th annual Green Living and Energy Expo
The 15th annual Green Living and Energy Expo will be held 10am-5pm on Friday November 7th and 10am-4pm on Saturday 8th at the Roanoke Civic Center.
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The AECP Green Living and Energy Expo has received the Virginia Green Certification as a Green Event.
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The Weatherization Assistance Program is the oldest, largest, most
comprehensive residential energy saving program in America. Click on the
AECP powerpoint presentation and learn more about this "green" program.

Mission: We exist to provide, promote, and advocate energy conservation

Over 90% of the energy that we use today comes from the burning of non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. The supply of fuels is limited and yet the demand now and in the future will continue to rise. So if we use energy more efficiently and utilize alternative and renewable resources more often, we will be using good common sense as well as:

  • Saving our natural resources
  • Preserving the environment
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Preventing oil spills and acid rain
  • Reducing smog and global warming
  • Reducing residential energy bills thus creating more disposable income


Saving energy is an investment into the future. We feel obligated to advocate for more efficient use of our energy resources so that there will be enough energy to meet our daily needs now, and in the future.


  • AECP supports and sponsors training's and seminars that enhance energy conservation awareness and skills.
  • AECP supports certification programs that create standards of practice in energy conservation.
  • AECP provides an educational platform for the transfer of energy related information and expertise.


  • AECP promotes weatherization activities that provide safer and more energy efficient homes.
  • AECP advances energy conservation awareness through educational programs.
  • AECP promotes public acceptance of energy conservation by partnering with providers and users.


  • AECP advocates for the preservation of our environment through more effective energy use.
  • AECP endorses renewable energy as a means to save our natural resources.
  • AECP supports additional funding and resources for all responsible energy conservation efforts.

Smart Building Directory

The Smart Building Directory, an initiative of the Virginia Sustainable Building Network, is the premier online resource for sustainable building products and services in the Mid-Atlantic region.
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AECP has produced a new DVD about the Weatherization Assistance Program. Click here to order copies and click here to learn more about the DVD.


AECP/ES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation, which will help in our efforts to provide important energy education to the general public.

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